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Increased organic traffic of Dare2Compete by 51% within 2 months

About the Brand

Dare2Compete is a student community helping students from across domains in their academic journey. Upgraded their website from traditional PHP to angular 2.0 but were facing problem in getting it indexed on Google.


The primary task was to ensure that all the pages are crawled and indexed by Google as angular websites face trouble in getting indexed by it. Our next target was to improve their existing website traffic.


We were sure that the website was facing trouble when it came to indexing and without indexing or proper crawling, their website was losing traffic on a daily basis.
Keeping that in mind, we helped them create rendered versions of their website, especially for search engine bots, so that Google and other search engines can understand what the website is all about.
To achieve that, we restructured, we had to restructure the content on the website created the sitemap and added basic tags with minor tweaks.
For the rendered version of the website, we used, a third-party service that gives an HTML rendered version of your web application. At the same time, we were checking the search console on a daily basis to see any improvement in search impressions and CTR.


2 months

Within 2 months of our services,

51% Increase

There was an increase in organic traffic on their website by 51%

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